That’s me bathing the Elephant in our recent Thailand trip

Our friends in the U.S can tell you how much we talk about food and travel to Asia. It’s just fascinating now we are so far away from home. The more people we talk to, the more sense it makes to start something to promote travel & food in Asia. We reach out to our contacts in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Korea, Japan and few other places and start helping people traveling there.

But not just travel.

Also to understand the culture, the people, the uniqueness of the East.

One of my client was so amazed by the Elephant camp in Chiangmai we sent her to, where you get to interact and learn about the elephant, take care of them, take them for stroll or even bathe them; took the trip 4 more times in the last 2 years. Of course each time she brought more friends with her.

Another one just loved the tranquility and kindness of Laos people, she sponsored a kid there and came back every year to see her. Luang Prabang is a place I would recommend to everybody.

And there’s home, Korea. If you are into food and spirituality, there’s a temple where you spend the night and learn about Korean food with the famous “Philosopher Chef”. That’s an experience no one will ever forget.

We feel blessed and proud to be able to help so many experience Asia in an unique and totally authentic way.